Jessica was born in a small town in Basilicata, Trecchina, in the province of Potenza

Her early interests in art led her to deepen her knowledge first at the Liceo Artistico di Maratea and then enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, specializing in sculpture.

She completes an Erasmus at the Marmara Academy in Istanbul where he works marble and approaches woodworking. During and after his studies, given his main interest in marble sculpture, he completed traineeships and internships between Pietrasanta and Carrara.

In Pietrasanta, under the wing of an English master, she approaches the classic and traditional marble working. She completes training courses for O.M.G. in Ecuador where he teaches sculpture, modeling and drawing. 

She participates in various collective exhibitions between Tuscany, Basilicata and Sicily.  

She realizes his personal expo at the Galleria Roma in Syracuse (SR) with "Contaminazioni". In 2015 she began participating in various wood, stone and chocolate symposium throughout Italy.

he realizes his works and also works on commission. She currently works and lives in Pietrasanta (LU) where she has her own studio.


Her interest in wood also led her to experiment with a particular way of working, where first of all the combination of the two materials (marble and wood) creates a unique work.

Subsequently this leads her to work the marble in such a way as to evade the wood thus creating a material alteration. Therefore works of burnt white marble that express purity, lack and transformation.

This alteration obviously refers to the human body and how it changes and transforms itself, precisely in relation to current diseases. An alteration of the body that takes away consumes, infects the body in a de-compositional process just like fire acts on wood.

Twisted or intertwined woods that create a transformation over time or woods that leave an imprint on marble to its negative symbol of lack, therefore burnt woods or body fragments are born from his works

Here is how the artist offers us a clear and profound image of the current man and his problems in the world, a representation of our life and what we are.



  • Extemporaneous international exhibition painting Aliano (MT)“Carlo levi”.
  • Extemporaneous international exhibition painting Aliano (MT)”Carlo Levi” (Vincita del II° premio).
  • Extemporaneous exhibition of painting and sculpture in Ponsacco (PI).
  • Personal exhibition with canvas, sculptures, engraving, drawings e projects. Palazzo Vecchio di Vibonati (SA).
  • Collective exhibition at Etrarte, Firenze (FI).
  • Collective exhibition “Trippice” , female exhibition. Vibonati (SA)
  • Collective exhibition “Tarlabasi”. Istanbul
  • Exhibition at B&B Nostos, Siracusa (SR)
  • Personal exhibition sculptures and photography “Contaminazioni” at Galleria Roma, Siracusa (SR)
  • Exhibition at il bar “Il Peter”, Siracusa (SR)
  • Exhibition at “Il Tucano Beach” Lido di Camaiore. Lucca (LU)
  • Collective exhibition “Flower power” Camaiore .Lucca (LU)
  • Premio Artemide, Roma.
  • Collective exhibition “lo spazio che occupo” Perugia.
  • Project 35×35. Copelouzos family art Museum. Grecia
  • Premio Internazionale Michelangelo. ArtNow Roma.


  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Besenello. Trento (TR)  
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Auronzo di Cadore. Belluno (BL)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Argumeggia.Varese ( VA)  
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Guardia di folgaria. Trento (TR)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Belluno. (BL)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture Val di cembra .Trento (TR)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , lights and shadows of wood, Castel Tesino. Trento (TR)
  • Festival della sculpture, Edolo. Brescia (BR)
  • Symposium of sculpture pietra serena, San Piero a Sieve. Firenze (FI)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Valdagno. Vicenza (VI)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Guardia di folgaria. Trento (TR)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Guardia di folgaria. Trento (TR)
  • Ex-tempore of wooden sculpture at Fattoria di Maiano. Fiesole, Firenze (FI)
  • Ex-tempore of wooden sculpture, Ponte nelle alpi, Arsiè. Belluno (BL)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Besenello. Trento (TR) 
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture , Cembra. Trento (TR)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture Sutrio. Udine (UD)
  • Ex-tempore of wooden sculpture. Belluno (BL)  
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture Cordignano. Treviso (TV)
  • Symposium of chocolate sculpture, during Chocolate Fair. Lecce(LE)
  • Simposio su marmo di candoglia . Cellio. Vercelli (VC)
  • Simposio su pietra vulcanica di Ittireddu . Sassari (SS)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture . Sillano –Garfagnana. Lucca (LU)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture Roe- Sedico. Belluno(BL)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture .Pieve di Soligno. Treviso (TV)
  • Symposium of chocolate sculpture. Monguelfo . Bolzano (BZ)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture . Imer . Trento (TN)
  • Symposium of sculpture marmo Palissandro . Cellio. Vercelli (VC)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture . Lavarone(TN)
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture . Tepatitlan . Messico
  • Symposium of wooden sculpture . Puerto Vallarta. Messico